Wired security alarm or wireless security alarm?

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Is a wired security alarm better than a wireless security alarm?

To know whether a wired security system is better depends on many factors. So let’s try to clear up some of the fog surrounding security alarm systems. We are not referring to camera systems but instead the actual alarm systems panel (brains) connection to door and window contacts, motion detection, flood and glass break sensors and more. Some systems are ‘wired’ to those devices and some are ‘wireless’. Both Residential Security or Commercial Security systems can be wired.. So which is better, or which is preferred?

First off, many security companies only install wireless security systems

  • So if you want to use that company, you will not have a choice. Many of the really large companies only install wireless systems because they install more easily with less technical training required.
  • Thorn Security is a rare company serving Southern Vancouver Island installing both wired and wireless types of systems. We want you to have the best system to meet your needs!
  • Both wired and wireless security alarms have been around for decades and the basic functions really haven’t changed. New features in newer systems include touch screens, wireless encrypted devices and remote access like Alarm.com (fantastic service).
  • Home already prewired for a security system? Then my preference would certainly be to use a wired security alarm. So much of the expense in providing a really great security system has already been paid. See, every wired security system needs a wire run from the panel to each device on the system(every door, window, motion detector, etc) and that can be tough to do (but not impossible) if a home is already finished.

Wiring a home while it is being built, makes a lot of sense

  • Get wires installed while the walls and ceilings are all open, in case you ever want a security system. Plan for Cat5 or 6 cable runs in the house as well as plans for security wires for your security system.
  • If your home is fully finished, a wired or wireless system depends on the complexity and size of the system. Homeowners should contact their preferred security company and ask them to come have a look at the home and make recommendations. If someone tells you they can recommend quality security without being inside your home or business – call someone else. This is important stuff – it is protection for everything you have worked hard for in life, peace of mind and even life safety!
  • Hybrid systems do exist where we can get wires to some areas while other more difficult locations may be best for wireless. It takes a Security Advisor that knows his stuff. Thorn Security handles wired and wireless, as well as hybrid systems.

Wired is easier in commercial locations!

Most commercial locations are able to easily choose between wired and wireless systems because drop ceilings make wires runs much easier. Wired or wireless isn’t an easy question to answer without seeing the location where the system will be installed.

Now for the straight answer:

I would always want a wired security system if I had the choice. Why?

  • Only one back up battery needs to be changed,
  • No batteries in devices needing to be changed at different times throughout the year.
  • No signal transmission issues.
  • No encryption required.
  • No need for signal repeaters
  • No concern with device signal jamming
  • No need to regularly reboot the system.
  • Perhaps most important to most homeowners – no door and window contacts that are visible!

Wired security systems work with a greater level of dependability than wireless systems

by far, hands down! Hybrid systems are my 2nd choice and wireless systems are my third choice. do not switch from a wired security system to wireless without good reason. Wires from a previous system can almost always be reused if the brains of the system change. Security systems wires are wires, and they haven’t changed for decades. I guarantee you, you will not be happy with the maintenance required to keep a wireless system running once you have enjoyed a wired system.

BTW – the same holds true for security cameras. Wired security cameras are better because they will more reliably get data to the recorder. Cameras require power which can be supplied via power over ethernet(POE). POE connects one wire to the camera providing both power and wired communication simulataneously. Being able to get the wire to devices is largely the deciding factor on wired or wireless but wired always works better with fewer outages.

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Don’t settle for a security company that doesn’t offer wired security. Whether you have Interlogix, DSC, Honeywell or another wired system, we would love to earn your business! Remember, the brains of your security can always be upgraded without switching to wireless. Locally owned and operated – your Victoria security company. 

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