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Following the recent home show in Victoria, it became clear that many people are ready to switch to Thorn Security. Unhappy with their current security company, people were actually angry with the security service they are receiving. Over and over again, we heard that people want to switch to Thorn Security.

The reasons for this shift are clear and valid:

  • People wanted the real service they were used to in the past before the family-owned company they chose was sold to a national company
  • They need to be able to easily reach someone easily on the phone.
  • People expected better service – like they knew in the past!
  • They wanted to speak with someone that understood security and were knowledgeable.
  • Customers didn’t want to be contacted by an automated dialer when their alarm tripped, with the ‘option’ of being transferred to someone.
  • They want real service from real people.
  • People want to speak with Canadian representatives rather than the cheapest global alternative.
  • People expect real security service – the kind of service that protects their home, business, family, pets and belongings and inventory.
  • They expect to be given the level of priority service that goes with security – life safety may be at stake.

We heard over and over again, that bundled pricing doesn’t matter if you get poor service levels. This is security and life safety, not a cellular phone case! We also heard that people were told they couldn’t continue with the wired security system and had to switch to wireless devices. One customer told us many times, how angry he is with the service he is receiving. He wants to get back to real security from a real security company, served by real people that understand security. At Thorn Security, we completely understand everything we heard, and we hope that you will provide us the opportunity to earn your business.

Thorn Security is the right choice:

  • We are owned by Dennis and Stacey Baggett (husband and wife) -They live right here in Victoria BC
  • Both Dennis and Stacey work full time within the business
  • Dennis is also a Red Seal certified electrician so we prefer wired security systems for increased reliability and reduced maintenance.
  • Our team continues to grow because customers are switching to Thorn Security – we welcome you!
  • We currently employ 3 previous employees from Price’s Alarms that have more than 25 years combined experience serving security customers on Vancouver Island.
  • Our Security Technicians are talented, friendly, and well versed in both wired and wireless security system solutions.
  • We are proud to provide custom security solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We provide many products and just need to decide which is the best solution to meet your needs.
  • We have licensed Security Advisors who come to your home or business to establish and recommend the most appropriate solutions for your needs. If at all possible, this should never be done over the phone. This is a no-charge security consultation by real security professionals.
  • Focussed on serving Greater Victoria.
  • We answer our phones ourselves – often when you call, you may be speaking to Dennis or Stacey.
  • We provide technical support and 24/7 emergency service.
  • We do not push customer service outside Canada to the cheapest provider.
  • All alarm monitoring is handled in Canada by Canadian’s at ULC Certified monitoring stations, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  • We do it all and we do it right!
    • Residential and commercial security alarm systems.
    • Lifestyle and commercial security camera solutions – wired and wireless.
    • Mobile connectivity to security system and cameras featuring Alarm.com.
    • Video doorbells.
    • Monitored flood, smoke, carbon monoxide, freeze and heat detection systems.
    • Access control systems.
    • Intercom systems.
    • Elevator and fire panel monitoring.
    • Medical alert solutions.

Make the switch to Thorn Security for unparalleled service and peace of mind.

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