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Smart Security Systems in Greater Victoria

A smart security system in a residential home can enhance comfort, safety, and security in various ways. Here are some examples:

Alarm Systems: 

Smart security systems often include alarm systems that can be triggered in case of emergencies, such as break-ins, fire, or carbon monoxide detection. These alarms can automatically notify the homeowners, as well as local emergency services, if necessary. The presence of alarms increases safety and security by providing immediate responses to potential threats. Alarm systems tied together with professional monitoring often results in discounts on home insurance – proof that security systems work!

Remote Monitoring: 

With a smart security system, homeowners can remotely monitor their property using their smartphones or tablets. They can check surveillance cameras, receive live video feeds, and get real-time updates on the security status of their home. This feature provides peace of mind and increases comfort by allowing homeowners to keep an eye on their property, even when they are away.

Motion Detection and Alerts:

Smart security systems often include motion sensors that can detect any movement within the premises. When unauthorized activity is detected, the system can send instant alerts to the homeowners’ devices, notifying them of potential security breaches whether the security system is armed or not. This helps ensure safety and allows homeowners to respond promptly to any suspicious activity.

Real-Time Notifications: 

This is one of my favourite features. Notifications can be custom set on smart security systems to alert you to abnormalities, provide property awareness and keep you informed. Many of us have forgotten to close the garage door before going to bed. Smart security systems realize that the door is open, it’s dark, and maybe you forgot it was open, sending you a text to keep you informed. This is just one of dozens of helpful notifications to help keep you safe and your property secure.

Door and Window Sensors: 

Smart security systems can be equipped with door and window sensors that detect when they are opened or closed. Homeowners can receive notifications when doors or windows are opened unexpectedly, indicating possible unauthorized access. This feature adds an extra layer of security, especially when combined with surveillance cameras and motion sensors.

Smart Lock Integration: 

Integrating smart locks with the security system enables convenient and secure access control. Homeowners can remotely lock and unlock doors using their smartphones, grant temporary access codes to visitors, or even unlock the door remotely for trusted individuals. This feature increases convenience and enhances security by eliminating the need for physical keys and providing better control over access. Notifications can be set to inform you who unlocked the door because everyone has a different code. Depending on the user code, automatic alarm system disarming can be set as the door is unlocked. This is great for added convenience and reduced false alarms.

Integration with Smart Home Devices:

Smart security systems can integrate with other smart home devices, such as smart lighting, thermostats, automated blind control, music and more. For example, when the security system detects that nobody is home, it can automatically turn off lights or adjust the temperature to save energy. These integrations enhances comfort and provides additional energy-saving benefits.

Video Doorbells: 

A popular component of smart security systems, allowing homeowners to see and communicate with visitors at their front door through their smartphones. This feature enables homeowners to remotely answer the door, even when they are not physically present. It enhances convenience, safety, and security by providing a virtual presence and discouraging potential intruders.

Video cameras: 

Another favourite of mine. Security cameras have come a long way, now integrated with video analytics to provide enhanced property awareness well beyond that provided by motion detection alone. Todays camera systems can decipher between vehicles, people, animals and flying objects such as drones. This new feature allows custom real-time notifications to be set based on your specific needs, property or lifestyle. For example:

  • Get notified when vehicles enter your driveway, when they leave, or both!
  • Get notified if someone walks on your property after certain hours or during the night.
  • Worried about bears or something eating your vegetable garden? Get notified when an animal is on your property.

Other examples of real smart security in acton, whether your alarm system is armed or not!

  • Get notified that the kids arrived home safely from school.
  • Get notified while having a party when someone enters a room in the home where they shouldn’t be, like the master bedroom or office.
  • Get notified that someone enters the garage or shed during the night.
  • Arriving home after dark, smart security turns on the lights for added safety and awareness.
  • Get unexpected activity notifications like the kids room window opening.
  • When you arm your system as being away, your system can reduce home heating levels automatically so save on heating costs.
  • When you drive towards home, your thermostat can automatically increase the heat to make the home more comfortable knowing you will soon be home.
  • Automatically turn off your alarm system, open the blinds, increase the heat and turn on your favourite music to wake you up in the morning.

Overall, a smart security system in a residential home offers a range of features, benefits and automations that contribute to increased convenience, comfort, safety, and security for homeowners. Trust in Thorn Security to provide the right system with the right smart security customizations to meet your needs.

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