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Thorn Security takes pride in offering Professional Visual Security services to the Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island regions.

The effectiveness of traditional alarm systems and alarm responses has declined in recent years. However, the need for effective security among customers remains as crucial as ever.

  • Most businesses have always recognized the necessity of a comprehensive security alarm system.
  • Professional-grade security cameras are now commonplace. although, mere recording of a crime through on-site video surveillance does not deter crime and seldom leads to the apprehension of criminals.

We’re now taking your security to the next level by seamlessly integrating your alarm system, security cameras, and monitoring services. Professional Visual Security enables our Response Centre operators to immediately visually verify what triggered the alarm at your location, resulting in faster response times and priority assistance from law enforcement.

Why is Professional Visual Security superior

  • Traditional alarm monitoring relies on detection devices at the property to create activity awareness. When an area detects movement or a change, it sends an alarm signal to the monitoring centre. However, since these zones do not provide visual information about the cause of the alarm.
    • over 95% of alarms turn out to be false.
    • customers driving to site takes time.
    • logging in and checking cameras takes time.
    • delays do not lead to criminal apprehension.
  • Thorn Security’s Professional Visual Security combines the principles of alarm system monitoring with on-site cameras, granting monitoring agents instant access to see exactly what triggered an alarm, ensuring immediate and accurate responses for our clients. With Visual Alarm Monitoring, customers benefit from an enhanced level of service and increased confidence.

How does it work

In real-time, our response agents are virtually transported to the scene of the incident via a monitoring portal. They gain a comprehensive understanding of what triggered the security system and maintain situational awareness by observing live camera feeds. This accurate insight enables the monitoring agents to differentiate between high-threat alarms, such as a “crime in progress,” and low-threat alarms caused by animals, employees, or other factors. We offer customers a smarter security system by harnessing on-site video systems and the precision of security zones, delivering a higher level of service compared to traditional alarm monitoring or video surveillance systems.

In today’s world, where vandalism, opportunistic theft, shoplifting swarms, broken storefront glass, masked individuals, and overburdened law enforcement are prevalent, using the technology offered by Professional Visual Security is now an essential service.

Instant access to video evidence equips agents with the situational awareness needed to make informed decisions and communicate confidently with customers about alarm situations. Additionally, during a crime in progress, agents can relay real-time site information to law enforcement, enhancing police response times and resource allocation. Thorn Security’s Visual Alarm Monitoring platform delivers the real-time visual alarm monitoring response customers desire and expect from their security solution.

Key benefits of Professional Visual Security:

  • Deterrence of theft and vandalism.
  • Visual verification of what tripped alarm.
  • Visual verification of what is happening now.
  • Reduced false alarms.
  • Reduced alarm dispatches.
  • No need to dispatch guard service.
  • Visual awareness can be relayed to police.
  • Expedited police response.
  • You get to sleep through the night with peace-of-mind.

Professional Visual Security from Thorn Security can be configured to meet the needs of almost any situation. Visual security is highly recommended for commercial situations. Connect with Thorn Security to arrange a no-charge, on-site evalauation of your security. Let’s work together with Professional Visual Security to keep you safe and protected.

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