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Monitored smoke detectors provide 24/7 protection for the best in residential, real security! Every home has smoke detectors but monitored smoke detection is different. Regular smoke detectors in homes are meant to alert you of smoke so you get out of the house safely. The downfall in protection regular smoke detectors provide, is they do nothing for you if you aren’t home. If you aren’t home, you can’t hear them, and neither can your neighbours.

Monitored smoke detection works to provide real security because it protects you whether you are home or not. Connected as part of your security system, monitored smoke detection sounds a siren and alerts the monitoring station of smoke.

Monitored Smoke Detection Saves Lives and Your Home!

  • Works 24/7 by sounding alarm and alerting the monitoring station.
    • The monitoring station can then dispatch the fire department.
  • Protects you whether the alarm is set or not, whether you are home or not, 24/7!
  • Adds additional protection beyond the regular smoke detectors and can be placed for the safest protection.
  • Regular smoke detectors sometimes false alarm because of placement, age or quality of the devices.
  • Monitored smoke detection improves reliability

Monitored Smoke Detection Saves Pets Lives Too!

If you leave your pets safely at home while you are out, what happens when a fire starts?

  • They can’t open doors to get outside!
  • They will often hide somewhere in the house when your smoke detectors sound.
  • In very short order, without you home to calm them, your pet’s stress level increases.
  • When will the toxic and dangerous smoke reach them?

Normally, neighbours won’t notice something is wrong at your home until the fire reaches levels where it needs oxygen. At that time, the fire blows out windows as it gasps for more air, and the fire increases. This tends to be when neighbours notice the sounds and the smoke, and they hopefully call the fire department.

With Monitored Smoke Detection the Fire Department is Alerted Sooner!

  • When seconds count in a fire – monitored smoke detection is the safest solution!
  • The monitoring station can inform the fire department of pets, children, seniors, dementia or mobility issues.
  • The monitoring station also knows if you are away on vacation and who to contact in case of emergency.
  • The sooner the fire department arrives, the less damage from smoke and fire, and less likelihood of loss of life.

Monitored Smoke Detection Doesn’t Cost Extra!

  1. Monitored Smoke Detection service is included at no extra charge with your Thorn Security monitoring service.
  2. Just the cost of higher quality monitored smoke detectors added to your security system.
  3. Smoke detectors may be wired to your security system or wireless depending on your security system.

Know You are Always Protected!

  • Monitored Smoke Detectors are part of your security system which means, they are monitored to be operational as a part of your security system.
  • They can be trusted to be operational – nobody removes batteries or disconnects monitored smoke detectors without you and the monitoring station knowing. So monitored smoke detection is actually dually monitoring for both smoke and monitoring that the smoke detector is operational.
  • Great in rental properties to protect your assets
    • You can receive instant notification via push notification, text, or email when smoke is detected (requires interactive service which is always recommended).

Monitored Smoke Detection Saves You Money!

Almost every home insurance company offers substantial discounts for Monitored Security Systems with Monitored Smoke Detection. This is proof that monitored smoke detection saves property, otherwise insurance companies would not offer a discount. They know they are less likely to pay out a large claim for catastrophic fire or loss of life when monitored smoke detection is operational.

Not All Smoke Detectors Are The Same!

In my home, the house has multiple smoke detectors made by Kidde, which is a great brand. These are hardwired smoke detectors with backup batteries for continued protection during power outages which is also great, but they are still just noisemakers to protect me while I’m home. My concerns with regular smoke detectors are many:

  • Even though they are hardwired for power, they contain backup batteries which regularly need to be changed.
  • When backup batteries get low on the ability to hold power, these smoke detectors chirp every minute to let you know the battery needs to be changed.
  • Batteries most often reach lowest power levels during the night when temperatures are lower. So now, in the middle of the night, you have a low battery chirping in a smoke detector somewhere in the house, every minute. This is why so many people disconnect regular smoke detectors.
  • With these detectors, when one detects smoke, it causes all detectors to sound in the house which protects people in the house but makes it very difficult to figure out where the smoke is in the house. They want you to get out of the house and call the fire department, but my preference would be to find the smoke before the fire gets too big.

With Monitored Smoke Detectors Everything Is Better!

  • When batteries are running low, your alarm panel will tell you in the morning so you will have sufficient time to change them.
  • They don’t chirp every minute through the night.
  • When smoke is detected, your alarm panel or keypads will tell you where and with global access you will immediately receive notification to your smart phone telling you which smoke detector is detecting smoke. This saves time and can therefore save lives and damages.
  • They are monitored smoke detectors so if you are not home, your smoke detectors will not continue to stress pets with the loud chirps or siren that you know nothing about until you arrive home.
  • They save me money on home insurance and protect me with a better solution.

I have added multiple monitored smoke detectors throughout the home to supplement the old-style, regular detection. I rest easy and enjoy increased peace-of-mind!

Please Protect Your Pets and Valuables – With Fire, Every Second Matters!

The headlines are everywhere on Vancouver Island

  • Vancouver Island home lost to fire, but family and 14 dogs are safe.
  • Two dogs rescued from house fire in Nanaimo.
  • Residents, dog escape house fire in Langford, B.C.
  • Dog missing after fire sparked by e-bike battery destroys a Mill Bay home.
  • Dog dies and building destroyed.
  • One person slightly hurt, several pets killed in house fire.
  • Sayward family loses home, dogs and belongings.
  • Three people and a dog safe after house fire in Saanich.
  • House fire leaves two dead, homeowners with smoke inhalation.

 Your Thorn Security Consultation Protects you!

  • You may have noticed that we always want to discuss your security needs in depth. Security Consultations don’t happen with our licensed Security Advisors because they are “Selling”, we provide Security Consultation to provide you with Real Security! The right level of security to meet your needs. We will almost always recommend monitored smoke detection because it works to protect your investment, your belongings and your pets, especially when you aren’t home to hear those old unmonitored smoke detectors.
  • Schedule your Security Consultation with Thorn Security and make sure to ask for Monitored Smoke Detection!
  • By the way, monitored carbon monoxide protection is also available. Also, flood detection is available, I have sensors in all bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry area. Two more great ways to protect your property against loss.


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