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Thorn Security is pleased to offer The Connected Fleet, a service which allows businesses to track the location of their fleet at all times. Knowing where your vehicles are at a quick glance allows you to manage your customer service levels dispatching services to the closest available unit, or simply gaining the added awareness and security that comes from knowing the location of these important assets.

Our Connected Fleet product is very simple to use and extremely reliable:

    • Connected Car GPS DeviceNo hardwiring required.
    • Simply plugs in to OBD-II connection available on most vehicles since 1996 including hybrids, PHEVs and EVs.
    • Uses dedicated cellular connection.
    • Requires no batteries
    • includes backup battery for 24/7 awareness even when the car is parked or engine is off.
    • Automatic hibernation.
    • Self installation.
    • Easily moved between vehicles.
    • Available for fleets between 1 and 100 vehicles.

Our Connected Fleet product is unique for the following reasons:

  1. View the exact location of your fleet as visual locations on a zoomable map in real-time
  2. Access via desktop browser or mobile app – features vary by user and device
  3. Is the engine currently on or off? And since when. Example – Engine Off 2023-06-14 6:13PM
  4. Approximate fuel level. example – ¾ tank
  5. Daily summary of trips between start and stop of engine
      • Where did each trip start and end, with a visual on map
      • The distance of each trip. example – 7 kilometres
      • The amount of fuel used in each trip by litres example – 1.1 litres
  6. Details of each vehicle
      • Vehicle name – editable.
      • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
      • Year, Make, Model.
      • Start/Stop technology.
  7. Event Alerts
      • Low car battery
      • Car connector is not responding.
      • Car connector is hibernating – vehicle has not be started for some time.
      • The car connector has been unplugged.
      • The car connector has been reconnected.
      • Diagnostic issue reported.
      • Low fuel
      • Sent by push, text or email.
  8. Adjustable Event Alerts
      • Excessive Speed Threshold
      • Low Fuel Level
      • Sudden Acceleration Sensitivity
      • Hard Braking Sensitivity
      • Unexpected Movement Alarm – example – towed
      • Sent by push, text or email.
  9. Document Tracking
      • Add scans of important documents to each vehicle unit such as insurance documents, oil changes, or scheduled maintenance.
      • Documents can generate notifications as expiry dates near.
      • Sent by push, text or email.
  10. Weekly Trip Reports


Pricing is very similar to cell phones – each unit requires:

  • A Connected Fleet OBD-II Transmitter.
  • The monthly service: as low as $17.99/mth depending on the size of your Connected Fleet.
  • Plus a one-time activation fee of $40.00/unit.

Please contact Thorn Security for all the details on this fantastic product which connects you to your corporate fleet.

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